5Dsoft control panel for the ride (5D cinema).

Software package is easily adapted to the attraction of any manufacturer.



Benefits and features


  • Design program is designed both for touch control, and the management of a computer mouse
  • Style interface that does not require a detailed study of the documentation
  • Multi-language interface support program
  • Starting the control panel on any operating system.
  • Managing the dynamics of attraction and the volume of the sound system directly during startup.

  1.    The opportunity to choose from a convenient list of movies posters c (possibly including a detailed description)
  •    Recording a picture with the camera attraction obtained during start-up video / games on DVD-ROM
  •    Support for an external monitor, which can be installed next to the 5D-cinema
  •    Information output from the camcorder to an external monitor cinema 5D-cinema in a separate window
  •    To attract customers, there is the possibility to display advertising videos, pictures and trailers on an external monitor 5D-theater
  •    Displays the current time playing content
  •    The possibility of an emergency stop playing movie
  •    For audio greeting or advertising is possible to broadcast MP3-file in the attraction
  •    To protect against unauthorized access to the program is implemented authorization operator and administrator through the entrance into the program by password


  1.    The presence of the automatic and manual diagnostics that prevent you from playing a movie in the presence of faults equipment
  2.    Having a monitoring system of licenses 5D-movie  theater (to be included on request)
  3.     Keeping protected operator statistics on the number of people attending the 5D-cinema
  •    The possibility of sending an SMS-message from the 5D-theater with an indication of the total number of viewers who visited 5D-cinema per day
  •    The possibility of sending messages from email-5D-theater with an indication of the total number of viewers who visited 5D-cinema per day
  •    Ability to control panel via web interefeysa (run movies can be even with the phone!)
  • A separate program for viewing statistics views, ratings rollers and create reports.
  •  Convenient rated films, which allows to determine the most grossing film


It's not all possible software package!